Winter at Round Peak Vineyards

It would be easy to think that a winery simply shuts down when the cold weather arrives. The foliage is completely gone, and the vines have all gone to sleep. The tasting room is slow, but the staff is as busy as ever. It may not be as obvious to the public but there is a lot to do in winter. Mia and Justin are busy pruning the old stems from last year’s canopy. They will cut the vines all the way down leaving just two branches per vine. Due to the discriminating nature of this process, all twelve acres of pruning needs to be done by hand. Winter is a tough time to be doing this type of work. You’re outside all day no matter the cold, rain or snow. Besides being very busy in the vineyard, there is also much to do on the winemaking side as well. Red wines are being fine-tuned in the barrels, and white wines in the tank. The wines are sampled regularly to see how they are developing, and are bottled as soon as they are ready. Events are being planned, music and weddings are being booked, and every one is gearing up for what is sure to be another busy year at Round Peak Vineyards.

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